PAR 46 MEDIUM 200w
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PAR 46 MEDIUM 200w

Price: $13.00
  • Item #: LP200P46M
  • Manufacturer: GE, OSRAM
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This 200 watt PAR46 medium flood bulb has a beam spread of medium flood and a beam angle of 27 degrees. This bulb has a base of E26 Medium Skirted which can be used for Track Lighting, Spot Lighting, Display / Cabinet Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Art Gallery, Museum Lighting, Illumination Lighting for Homes, Offices and Restaurants, Hotels Malls, Casinos and Bars. Also relevant for Display Lighting for Museums, Galleries, Stores, Exhibitions and General Lighting. It has a color temperature of 2750k, a diameter of 5.75 inches and a filament of CC-13. This GE 200 watt PAR46 bulb has a lumens of 2270, maximum overall length of 4.00 inches and a rated life of 2000 hours.

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