Male to Male Turn Around
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Male to Male Turn Around

Price: $53.00
  • Item #: LV16A25
  • Manufacturer: LEVITON
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Brand Features

Leviton's 16 Series Taper Nose Cam-Type Devices are rated up to 400-Amp, making them the connectors of choice for power distribution applications such as concerts, sound stages, movie making, television productions, sporting events and conventions.

Item Description

Male, Multi-Way Connector, Double Male, 400 Amp, 16 Series Taper Nose, Commercial Grade, Cam-Type Connector

Electrical Specifications

  • Max. Amperage: 400 Amp
  • Max. Voltage: 600 Volt

Material Specifications

  • Sleeve Material: Santroprene TPV
  • Contact Material: Brass
  • Strain Relief: Copper Wire

Mechanical Specifications

  • Gender: Male-Male

Standards and Certifications

  • UL Listed: File E13399
  • CSA Certified: File 152105
  • NEMA Rating: Type 3R
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